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Day 13: Housemates are taking it slow — BBNaija

Day 13: Housemates are taking it slow — BBNaija

Day 13: Housemates are taking it slow — BBNaija

These ships are in slow brew. Will Housemates apply pressure?

Love is on the table, but the Housemates are taking it slow, and we are getting anxious to see who will be the first to make it official.

Today’s Diary Session had Housemates comment about their crushes, love interests and the possibility of ships or situationships in the House.

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Emmanuel confessed to developing feelings for Liquorose whereas Liquorose said they are good friends. Although these two are fond of each other, we can’t help but wonder how long it will take before they embrace the idea of a ship?

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Whitemoney’s comment on ships in the House best set out the atmosphere by highlighting that he couldn’t really say for sure who is really into who but like him, we are hopeful that anything coming out of this must at least be good.

Peace is here for the vibes and confessed to being flirtatious “in a good way”, but how much longer will it be before the men of BBNaija start catching feelings?

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We may not know what sign the Housemates are waiting for to set sail on these ships, but they are taking their time.

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