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Day 18: All eyes on the ‘Kitchen Monopoly’ – BBNaija

Day 18: All eyes on the ‘Kitchen Monopoly’ – BBNaija

Day 18: All eyes on the ‘Kitchen Monopoly’ – BBNaija

Could we see changes in the kitchen soon?

As we have all seen, Whitemoney has been holding things down in the #BBNaija kitchen, making sure that all the Housemates are fed.

Pere took Princess aside to privately talk to her about taking over in the kitchen from Whitemoney who has been most prominent in the kitchen since day one.

This is the first time we see the Head of House trying to create inclusivity with kitchen activities in the House. He has taken the House by storm laying out various rules to keep the space clean and coordinated – military style.

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Pere seems to be on the lookout for the nominated Housemate reminding her that they are all in the House to play a game, and kitchen monopoly is also a strategy like winning Head of House.

Princess responded to Pere saying that she has cooked for up to 300 people before, but she couldn’t take up cooking every day because her stay in the #BBNaija House is more of a vacation to her. There is also another issue of people being too critical about food and getting into fights.

She also expressed that it takes someone with experience to make things come together in the kitchen and Whitemoney was doing a good job at this.

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The challenge posed by HoH was that someone would inevitably have to take over if it happened that resident chef, Whitemoney was Evicted from the House.

Princess, however, feels that Pere should get someone else to handle the kitchen and she is willing to assist. The key word here is ‘assist’. She wants to help out, but she doesn’t want the pressure that comes with feeding many mouths.

We also wonder what would happen if Whitemoney was no longer in the House? Would this be a cause for starvation or more intense food feuds?



ArinEmmanuelNiniPrincessSaskay, and Tega have been Nominated for Eviction this Sunday You can VOTE to Save your favourite Housemate via the Africa Magic website HERE

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