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Day 18: Battle of the cliques – BBNaija

Day 18: Battle of the cliques – BBNaija

Day 18: Battle of the cliques – BBNaija

Cliquing in Biggie’s House is causing some major Nomination drama and we are curious as to how that happened.

The first set of Housemate Evictions and the introduction of new ones seems to have jolted the BBNaija House awake with a renewed sense of ‘Shine Ya Eye’.  As expected, a lot of them were just interested in cruise in the first two weeks, but now ‘eye don clear’.  “How,” you ask? Well, the Nominations for Eviction this week brought a feud to the spotlight for the public to see clearly.

When Nominations took place on Monday, certain names came up and it was quite evident that there was some sort of spotlight on some Housemates. At the end of the Nominations, Tega, Princess, Arin, Nini. Saga and Emmanuel were up for possible Eviction. Saga however escaped possible eviction when Pere used his Veto power as HoH to replace him with Saskay.

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During their Diary sessions on Day 17, Housemates were asked by Biggie to give their opinions on the Nominations. Viewers were quick to spot a theme from the explanations some of the Housemates gave and this was the idea of some sort of clique wars that are taking centre stage in the House.

The names that popped up in this clique wars were that of Tega and Princess in one clique, which Boma called the ‘Older Girls’ versus Nini, Arin, Peace and Saga in another clique. A few Housemates claimed the rivalry between the two led them to Nominate each other for Eviction.

The clique of Arin, Peace and Nini were tagged ‘The Three Musketeers’. Saga who is also close to Arin and Nini is mostly now associated with the group.

Boma in his conversation with Biggy,  stated that the the musketeers have strong personalities and strong opinions. “If you have a problem with one of them, they will all come for you.” So just how powerful are the Musketeers? Boma explains further saying;

“When Pere and Angel had a problem, Arin got involved and said things to him. The musketeers are a force. They are close. Saga started to be involved with Nini and then started spending time with Nini and Arin, now he’s part of their clique. Everyone in the House thinks they are a group that looks like they might be taking over soon.”

The alleged power of the Musketeers was also acknowledged by Liquorose who Nominated two members of the clique. In her Diary Session with Biggie, she stated that her Nomination of Arin and Nini was as a result of the threat they pose to the House. She saw them as persuasive, citing the role they played in convincing the House that she was one of the Wildcards.

Tega who is one part of the ‘Older Girls’ claimed she Nominated Arin and Nini because she sees them as threats. Note also that the Nini and Tega had a confrontation last week and this could have affected her choice of Nominations.

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The big question here is;

How much longer will the cliques in the House last? Are we going to see them survive the Evictions and gain new members, or are they going to die a natural death? Better still, are new cliques going to be formed? We’ve got our eyes open and will be the first to serve you the tea, whenever it is ready.

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