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Day 18: Queen and Maria fight over Pere – BBNaija

Day 18: Queen and Maria fight over Pere – BBNaija

Day 18: Queen and Maria fight over Pere – BBNaija

Housemates treated to a show as Queen and Maria exchange words.

Well, well, well! When Queen said she was bringing drama to the House, looks like she meant every word of it.

Only three days into her stay in her House, the former international beauty queen got into a war of words with Maria in the Lounge over Head of House Pere.

The bone of contention? Whether Pere is strategic or not.

Housemates were given a show as Queen and Maria’s talk turned chaotic – and the two eventually had to be separated and asked to calm down.

According to Queen, someone had mentioned in a conversation that Pere is very strategic in his dealings in the House, a statement Queen agreed with. Maria seemed to take exception to this and made an off the cuff comment about how Queen has only been in the House for two days and can’t already know how Pere rolls. Jealousy at Queen and Pere’s closeness, or a valid concern? “Two days and you already know he’s strategic?”

This had Queen flying over the edge because she felt like Maria was undermining her since she is new and was trying to make her feel less-than because she just arrived in the House.

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Queen didn’t take this statement lying down and called Maria to the side for a conversation. When Maria decided she was not going to entertain it – and walked away, Queen flew into a rage.

Pere and the rest of the Housemates scrambled to get the situation under control as an incensed Queen voiced out her frustrations loudly and had a go at Maria. Maria also gave it back, but eventually, Pere asked the ladies to calm down.

We all know Maria is opinionated and usually has a lot to say about the dealings in the House, but was she out of line to make that comment about Queen? Alternatively, did Queen overreact?

Maria has professed she is not into Pere, but has been flirting up a storm with the current Head of House. The two can often be seen together and are even sharing the HoH Suite, since Pere picked her as Deputy HoH, but it is no secret that Pere has also been getting to know Queen.



Yesterday he and Queen kicked back in one of the bedrooms while Pere held Queen’s hand and read her palm. “You’re going to find love in the House. Not with Boma, but with someone you least expect,” he told her.

Getting handsy with Pere the fortuneteller



Could Pere be setting the groundwork for something more with Queen – and Maria has noticed this vibe between Pere and Queen? Could these two ladies actually be interested in the same man? We’re not sure yet, but in this House, anything is possible. Shine Ya Eye!

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